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Alan Sieler

Welcome to our first issue of Observing Differently for this year.

Our newsletter title Observing Differently may sound somewhat innocuous and yet the actions that we do and do not take in life stem entirely from how we are observing any situation. The manner in which we observe determines what we observe. But ... how aware are we of how we observe and how we can change that?

The only place we can observe from is our Way of Being, which is where our perceptions and attitudes live, many of which are deep-seated and out-of-awareness. Learning to observe how our Way of Being shapes us as observers and drives our behaviours is the essence of Ontological Coaching.

The ontological approach to life in general, coaching, leadership and business improvement is about supporting people to become different and more powerful observers, with power being the ability to take more effective action. This is what our programs (see details below) and publications are oriented towards.

Our latest publication is the much-awaited Volume IV in the Coaching to the Human Soul series, titled Towards Professional Artistry With Ontological Coaching. As with the other three volumes in the series, this book provides a rigorous approach to ensuring that coaches are well grounded in a coaching theory, methodology and practice, as well as showing the relevance of the ontological approach to leadership and business improvement.

Our article for this issue is an excerpt from the Introduction to Volume IV, which you might find quite engaging and thought-provoking.

Best wishes

Alan Sieler


Excerpt from the Introduction of Towards Professional Artistry With Ontological Coaching
By Alan Sieler

The project of integrating and deepening the ontological approach to coaching that takes place in this volume is explained through a number of interrelated themes:

  • understanding the nature of artistry and professional artistry;
  • detailed awareness of how artistry in Ontological Coaching can be developed;
  • the relevance of Ontological Coaching to the challenge of dealing with existential issues in contemporary societies;
  • the contribution of artistry in Ontological Coaching to the professionalisation of coaching.

While most of the book covers the process of moving towards artistry in Ontological Coaching, an appreciation of the potentially invaluable social contribution of this approach can be gained by situating it in an historical context. There are two components of this context, which are expressed as "dealing with existential issues" and "the professionalisation of coaching". Although the historical context is positioned in the last two chapters of the book, gaining an initial overview of the context will be helpful for being oriented to this final volume of Coaching to the Human Soul.

The growing challenge of dealing with existential issues

The increasingly fast-changing nature of the world, sometimes described as unprecedented in human history, and its ramifications for our wellbeing have been addressed at different stages in each of the previous three volumes. It has become apparent that one of the consequences of current historical circumstances for many societies has been the increasing incidence of what are expressed as mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety. These breakdowns in the wellbeing of individuals are the province of skilled mental health practitioners, such as psychologists and counsellors.

Coaches are not mental health practitioners and should not attempt to be so without appropriate education and training. However, it can be interpreted that the growth of coaching since the mid nineteen-nineties as a means of supporting people in their personal and professional lives indicates an important social need that is separate to mental health concerns. This need can be framed as the continual challenge of effectively dealing with existential issues.

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