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Alan Sieler

Welcome to our third issue of Observing Differently for 2019.

The world continues to be an interesting place with many uncertainties that can have us too much on edge about what is “around the corner”. Our challenge is how we relate to this uncertainty and find ways to author and design the life we want to have. Ontological security – being secure in our own Way of Being and our capacity to deal with whatever occurs – plays a major role in how we create our future and this what ontological coaches specialise in.

It continues to be an enormous privilege to work with my colleagues in different countries in our programs. The joy we get from being part of people making significant changes for themselves through their engagement with the ontological approach, as well as becoming ontological coaches, is very special.

“This coaching and leadership course has been profound and transformative for me personally and professionally. It is a challenging task to put into words something that has been so transformative. I am a much more powerful observer in so many aspects of my life.  As a husband and father, I have become a more compassionate and loving man and I am far less angry and judgmental. As a family physician with 20 years of experience, I have learned how to listen to my patients in a profoundly new way, to help them accept what is, and to reach for what could be, more effectively than ever before. I am extremely grateful for the experience and the possibilities this course has opened up for me and very excited about the different future I am creating.”
Jim Theis, MD, New Orleans, USA

Our highly regarded three-day Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action workshop is being offered in multiple locationsover the next few months the UK, Hong Kong and Belgium and South Africa, as well as Australia. It is a stand-alone workshop as well as the entry point for engaging in the globally acclaimed in-depth 18-month Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program.

This month’s article is a real treat, written by my colleague Tony Carew and his partner Paula Drayton. They specialise in a refreshingly different and powerful approach to developing leaders, which is evident in their article and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Until our next issue...

Best wishes,

Alan Sieler


Leadership is Not a Thing
By Tony Carew and Paula Drayton

It’s time to change the way we think and talk about leadership!

Passing through the airport recently we perused the bookshelf of ‘best sellers’, ‘new to the market’ and ‘latest thinking’ … drawn (for obvious reasons) to the latest offering on Leadership, which looked to perfectly align with our practice.
Twenty minutes later we were on board reading the first chapters out loud to each other and lamenting on how often people refer to leadership as a thing, never noticing how this very act of language (a blind act) has a way of separating ‘us’ from the act of leading people.

Leadership is a practice undertaken by human beings.  As leaders we construct narratives, cultivate moods and create conditions where engagement, trust, morale and partnerships arise with those who declare us leaders. It is our ‘Way of Being’ (our inner narratives, moods, emotions and our physiology) as people in leadership roles that creates these conditions.

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