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Alan Sieler

Welcome to our fifth issue of Observing Differently for the year.

We are coming up to the start of our next globally acclaimed ICF accredited Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program with our Opening Conference from July 11-14.The program has an excellent track record having run continuously since 1999, not only in Australia but also in Asia, South Africa, Europe and the USA. Hundreds of ontological practitioners are active across five continents and this month’s article (see below) provides a wonderful example of the value individual clients can gain from this powerful methodology.

Bringing Ontological Coaching to Life is a brilliant online review and extension course for people who have done some form of ontological training. Created by my colleague from Canberra, Ian Higginbottom, the next course commences on September 3. For details of the course go to here

Ian also features in this month’s article, which offers a fascinating perspective of one of his client’s first-hand experience of working with him and the enormous benefit they gained from Ian’s skillful use of the ontological methodology. I am very grateful to Ian and his client for making this report available.

Until our next issue...

Best wishes,

Alan Sieler


A Client’s Experience of Ontological Coaching
Report by Ian Higginbottom

I remember how I felt at that first coaching conversation: that horrible ball of anxiety in the pit of my stomach, and the feeling of uncertainty as I started to talk about my self-doubt and how it was affecting me. 

The feelings in my body were very real; the mass of anxiety would take over my stomach and some of my upper body, very loyally accompanied by the usual self-judgement, which took over every part of my upper body that anxiety had left vacant. I was terrified that I would discover just how useless I really was, and I recall clearly the conversation inside my head: “This guy is going to find out that I am incompetent and that I don’t deserve this job. It’s obvious. I wouldn’t be doubting myself if I could do this job. I am incompetent. I don’t know how I am going to cope when we both realise this.

The pressure that I was placing on myself meant that this whole self-growth thing was all rather challenging and nerve-wracking, and I wondered more than once during that conversation what I was doing in trusting a complete stranger to help me regain my confidence. As the conversation progressed, it all seemed a little less quick-fix-like than I was hoping, and I wanted to say “Just tell me how to become confident and not burst into tears randomly, so I can move on”. 

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Newfield Institute operates as the Ontological Coaching Institute in Africa, Asia and Europe. Ontological programs also run in the USA through EFL Seminars.


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