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Alan Sieler

Welcome to our final issue of Observing Differently for 2018.

Intellectually stimulating Emotionally engaging
Physically energizing Spiritually uplifting
Immensely rewarding

These are expressions that have continually been made by participants in our programs in Australia, Asia, South Africa, Europe, the UK and the USA.

Next year’s Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program (COCLP) commences with a four day Opening Conference in Melbourne, July 11-14, with the first three days being the Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action workshop. You can do the three-day workshop and then decide if you want to continue with COCLP.

“This is undoubtedly the best investment I have ever made in my career and life generally. COCLP has supported me end-to-end through a massive transition in my life circumstances and way of being, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have participated in such a profoundly meaningful program. It is extremely gratifying to see the positive impact that the ontological approach has had on my clients in the relatively short time that I have been applying it.”
Chyonne Kreltszheim, Melbourne, Australia

Our feature article this month is provided by Deanne Duncombe who has almost completed COCLP. Deanne has an important leadership role in an IT company in Canberra and she shares how she applied the important distinction of “the legitimate other” to enhance her leadership effectiveness. Deanne’s example of positively influencing a direct report is an important contribution to leadership development, which I think you will find worthwhile reading.

Until our next issue early in 2019 very best wishes for a safe and enjoyable festive and holiday season...

Very best wishes,

Alan Sieler


Managing and Leading the Legitimate Other
By Deanne Duncombe

Some time ago, I came across the concept of the Legitimate Other. This concept is a deeper way of saying “respect”. The expression Legitimate Other refers to accepting another person as they are in their current Way of Being without necessarily agreeing with their behaviour.

For example, someone who is currently operating from a way of being that is based in anxiety will have different actions available to them than someone who is operating from a way of being that is based in ambition. Regardless of our personal judgments around their behaviours, if we hold an individual as legitimate we are accepting that their actions and behaviours are what the individual currently has available to them, and their way of being is not allowing any other more serving actions in that moment. This concept really resonated with me, and it felt beautiful and powerful.

My fascination around what it means to hold someone as legitimate has been quite strong and I found myself reflecting on the possibilities that become available for leaders and managers when holding their team members, colleagues and peers as legitimate. What happens in our interactions with others? Does it make a difference? I decided to explore this using some real-life experiences.

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