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Alan Sieler

Welcome to our final issue of Observing Differently for the year.

First of all, I’m delighted to announce that Volume IV of Coaching to the Human Soul, titled “Towards Professional Artistry With Ontological Coaching” is at the printers and will be available from late January next year.

Our world leading, in-depth 18-month ICF certified program, which has the enviable track record of running for more that 20 years globally, is being offered again in 2020, commencing on July 9. Hundreds of ontological practitioners who have graduated from the program are active across five continents.

“This coaching and leadership course has been profound and transformative for me, personally and professionally. I am a much more powerful observer in so many aspects of my life. I am extremely grateful for the experience and the possibilities this course has opened up for me and very excited about the different future I am creating.”

Jim Theis, MD New Orleans, USA

“My intention for engaging in the Ontological Coaching Program was to enhance my ability as an executive coach. My expectations have been far exceeded and the learning has proven to be applicable at a much broader level. As an executive coach and trainer it has provided me with insights into how I can work more effectively to assist clients in dealing with change. The program content has given me the depth of knowledge to feel both confident and comfortable in dealing with any level of coaching client or challenging situation.”

Oliver Love, Director and Executive Coach, CFT Asia, Hong Kong

This month’s article is written by Jeremy Stunt, a graduate of the Hong Kong Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program, who is now working as an ontological practitioner in the UK. Jeremy has beautifully articulated, through a coaching example, one of the hallmarks of Ontological Coaching – the power of language as a human process to generate reality. This is an excellent example of Ontological Coaching in action.

Until our next issue early in 2020 very best wishes for a safe and enjoyable festive and holiday season ….

Best wishes

Alan Sieler


Using Language in Coaching to Generate Constructive Reality
By Jeremy Stunt

A few years ago I worked with Joyce (not her real name), the Hong Kong head of sales for a large multinational company. Joyce was seen as an important contributor in the company’s Asian region but was regarded by new management at head office as having an abrasive communication style.

The company had set challenging growth targets and Joyce’s stakeholders said she resisted constructive discussion about how her territory could contribute to those targets. They were also not happy about her attitude. They said she was angry during budget meetings and refused to listen to them. They also wanted her to stop what they called ‘inappropriate emotional outbursts’. I was engaged as a coach to help Joyce.

When I first met Joyce, it soon became clear to me that she was a very experienced business leader, well-respected by her staff and with a good track record of delivering strong business performance over many years. So, what was the problem?

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