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Alan Sieler

Welcome to our final issue of Observing Differently for the year.

Our feature article this issue is a variation from the normal, as I share Forewords I have written for three books. This variation can be introduced with a sentence written by 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche - "One repays a teacher badly if one remains only a pupil".

Graduates from our in-depth Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program are encouraged to bring their style of doing Ontology to the world, which goes beyond coaching to include creating ontologically based approaches to leadership, team-building, business improvement and personal development. While this is wonderful to observe, additionally exciting and especially gratifying has been the authorship of a number of graduates who have published books based on their ontological learning. The books, all of which are well worth reading, are:

  • Sizzling at Seventy: Victim to Victorious, Lyn Traill
  • Better Relationships with Those You Lead, Nicky Howe
  • Trust: Begins and Ends with Self, Conor O’Malley
  • Redesigning Conversations: A Guide to Communicating Effectively in the Family, Workplace, and Society, Bill Ash (available in early 2022)
  • Team Better Together: 5 Disciplines of High Performing Teams, Bernard Desmidt

Two more books by graduates are in preparation for publication in 2022 – one by Deanne Duncombe and one by Ian Lees.

It has been an honour to have been asked to write Forewords for three of the published books - Better Relationships, Trust and Redesigning Conversations - which I hope you will find engaging and encourage you to look closely at each book.

Should you be interested in exploring the possibility of engaging in ontological learning, we are very pleased to announce the continuation of our programs in 2022 in Australia, Asia, South Africa and Europe and the UK. We have the flexibility to offer both our globally acclaimed ICF accredited courses online and in-person. The courses are:

  • the three-day foundation workshop, Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action, which is both a stand-alone workshop and the starting point of
  • the in-depth 18-month Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program (COCLP).

For details and brochures about each course in Australia go here. For details on the courses in other geographies go here.

These are long-standing, very successful programs that have been running for twenty-five years. Hundreds of graduates are active as qualified ontological coaches and practitioners on five continents.

If you interested in a powerful methodology that enables you to:

  • develop a high level of coaching expertise;
  • engage in significant self-transformation;
  • develop leadership and management excellence;
  • become a highly effective organisational change agent;
  • learn a truly professional approach to coaching ...

... you will want to seriously consider learning how to apply the uniquely powerful ontological approach to coaching.

“This is not simply a coaching course or a leadership course. It is an experience in wisdom. I have walked away from this course with more than only ‘knowing’ about coaching or leadership. I apply my ontological learning to every aspect of my personal and professional life on a daily basis. Through the papers, the opportunities, and an incredibly patient and supportive approach from those who lead it, this course has given me so much, whilst simultaneously preparing me for so much more. It is not only an in-depth coaching course; it is a course that could very easily, significantly and permanently change society’s understanding of how leadership and life can be approached.”

Deanne Duncombe, IT Manager, Canberra, Australia

Until the next issue ... stay safe and happy holidays. I look forward to being in touch again early in 2022.

Alan Sieler


Foreword to Nicky Howe’s Better Relationships With Those You Lead

Nicky Howe has written a beautiful little book that I consider contains much wisdom. Through her extensive leadership experience as a senior manager and CEO, as well as the development of others as leaders, Nicky succinctly shares invaluable insights about the application of the new field of Ontology for leadership and management.

Foreword to Conor O’Malley’s Trust: Begins and Ends with Self

We all know just how crucial trust is in our everyday life. When we experience the absence of trust in family life, in the workplace, in social life and with our institutions and political and economic leaders, our quality of life is diminished. So much of what comprises the quality of our individual and collective existence is bound up in the quality of our relationships with others and the key institutions of our society. The absence of trust impoverishes our relationships and can significantly limit what we can accomplish together.

Foreword to Bill Ash’s Redesigning Conversations: A Guide to Communicating Effectively in the Family, Workplace, and Society

To be human is to live in meaning or, as one philosopher wrote, “Humans are condemned to meaning”. We exist as, often complex, meaning-making organisms. So much of the meaning of our life is bound up with our relationships – in our family, workplace, social life and community. We also have relationships with our wider society and the world at large, as well as the biosphere, on which we are dependent for our continued biological existence.

In our time in history, co-existence refers to more than being able to survive. The challenge of co-existence can be expressed in the question, “How can we live together with each other and our environment in a way that not only ensures survival but also enhances thriving and human flourishing?” The Greeks have a wonderful word for human flourishing – eudaimonia – which literally translated means living in good spirit.

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